Do you supply the drinks?

No we just provide a bartending service. We find you know your guests better than we do and are much better suited to provide the variety they want! We do however supply the ice and eskies to keep your drinks cold!

Do you have all the licensees required?

If you are harvesting on private property, a liquor license is not necessary, However if you do want to party in the park or any other public spaces a temporary liquor license will need to be obtained by the hirer (you). Temporary liquor licenses can be obtained easily and usually have a quick turnaround time and are very inexpensive. This license needs to be provided to us before the commencement of your harvest!

How does the set up and pack down process work?

What do we get when hiring Hops & Harvest?

We provide 2 staff for the duration of your harvest - both holding the necessary qualifications and years of experience in the industry! We also provide glassware for up to 50 guests including wine, champagne, beer and cocktail glasses. We keep your drinks cold with provided ice, 2 vintage drink dispensers and of course you get our beautiful little van which will be sure to impress your guests!

Does Hops & Harvest require power & water?

Hops & Harvest does not require water - we try our best to make our van as self sufficient as possible however we do require power access - if power is a problem a generator can be hired either by yourself or as part of your package with Hops & Harvest.

The Hops & Harvest Team arrive at your event in plenty of time - we ask that you have someone meet us at the site when we arrive to provide us with the beverages. It is ideal that the drinks be cold to make sure they are cold for your guests. We use eskies and ice to make the cooling down process much quicker than refrigeration however even we can't make magic happen!


At the conclusion of your event we will pack up any leftover drinks and hand them back to you (or a nominated person on your behalf). We also will have any rubbish and empties cleaned up and in garbage bags for your collection.

Where are you based and do you charge traveling charges?

Hops & Harvest is based in based in the Goulburn Valley. We service our region and areas such as Echuca, Moama, Bendigo, Benalla, Wangaratta, Seymour and places in between. We include in our base package travel within 20km of our base. Any travel thereafter will be charged at a rate per km.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

If cancellation of an event occurs within 6 weeks prior to your event, Hops & Harvest reserves the right to retain the initial deposit.

Do you cater for table service?

No, we prefer to serve directly from our van.